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Every enemy in the game has 3 unique resolutions.  Experience and experimentation will be your guide to finding them.
But it may not always be possible to spare your enemies. . . 
In summation. . .

 You Are NOT Bunnygirl is a game about doing one's best to help others without sacrificing themselves.

Empathy without boundaries is self-destruction.

One must only help others if they are able -  and elsewise, abandon them without restraint.

But the game  cannot  be completed without your support.

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Fortunately, Bunnygirl does not know how to give up.

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You Are NOT Bunnygirl



In   You Are NOT Bunnygirl ,  you play as a robot bunnygirl as she explores an underground lab full of  malfunctioning, maniacal robots.

Kill, deactivate, spare, and otherwise resolve conflicts with enemies to survive.

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Battles and Actions

During battles, Bunnygirl can make use of various Actions to resolve conflicts.

These Actions will affect enemies' Physical and Emotional Health meters.


However, using these Actions will also affect Bunnygirl's own Physical and Emotional Health.

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[ANGRY] type Actions, like [PUNCH], will stress Bunnygirl out, raising her Emotional Health.

[HAPPY] type Actions, like [SMILE], will calm Bunnygirl down, lowering her Emotional Health.

If Bunnygirl's Emotional Health gets too high or too low, she will be unable to battle.

It is imperative to take Bunnygirl's well-being into consideration before using Actions recklessly.


When a robot's Emotional Health reaches its maximum or minimum value, or when their Physical Health is depleted, a resolution occurs.

Enemy Resolution
For Example. . .

[PUNCH]'ing the 'Mangle' enemy will deplete its Physical Health.  This breaks the robot's neck, ending the battle.

However. . .
[PUNCH]'ing the 'Lurker' enemy will crack its boulder, causing it to retreat underneath.  This ends the battle with no loss of life.
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